Academy of Art and Design 200
Galerie Arti Capelli, Den Bosch

07.10.12 - 18.11.12

In the context of the 200 year anniversary of the Academy of Art and Design Den Bosch, Arti Capelli presents works by Daan Gielis, José Heerkens, W-J.Kersten, Pim Kersten, Lorelinde Verhees.

I'm interested in the hybridity of both medium and image. What form is a hybrid form and how can image and medium in a hybrid state / state of flux relate within the work?
The sculptural work (untitled, 2012) attempts to unite the pictural and the sculptural (beeld en afbeelding). It's interesting to me how the sculpture's slower release of its being and the photograph's fast release can cause different ways of existence in time and space, perception and relationship to the spectator. I was looking to create an immediate image within the sculpture, like a photograph can release its image immediately, almost like a slap in the face.

The epoxy panels refer to the pictural plane, as the traditional carrier of the image. The plane develops a volume through casting in layers. The panel thus creates a literal space for the image to reside in; an abstraction of color, light, form and volume.

review by Mister Motley here (image-sculpture).jpg (detail).jpg (tangerine, brown pink, midnight blue) 2012.jpg view 3.jpg (yellow black) 2012.jpg view 1.jpg view 2.jpg