The House as a Body of Sight
Hoogtepunt, Breda
residency, presentation
august 2012

Hoogtepunt is located in an abandoned house declared inhabitable, in a neighborhood in the city of Breda that is currently undergoing major changes. It's run by young local artists. I worked here for one hot month, in august 2012.

The House as Body of Sight

Imagine a camera lying on the table, with the lens open. Touched by light, framed bits of the world around it are falling through it constantly, even if no one is there to watch.

With the image of the camera in mind, an certain analogy with the currently hollow body of the house started to excite me;
Would it be possible for the house and it's rooms to function as a site of constant image flow, as a body of sight, an eye socket, a camera? And if it can work like that, how can I operate to transform this blind sight, the mechanics of looking, into an image? (you and I are the real).jpg left right.jpg outside.jpg movement 2.jpg en statief.jpg vlak.jpg tilted spin.jpg mirror.jpg (green plane).jpg